"no one can love you until you love yourself"

that is complete bullshit

don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve love from other people because you struggle with loving yourself


"He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words."

Elbert Hubbard (via holloweyes)



I’m tired of seeing white people treating poor countries as if they were their very special emotional playground.

Racists travel to under developed countries under the guise of ‘appreciating their culture’ or ‘searching for themselves’ (whatever that means) or any other seemingly thoughtful premise.. They enjoy the ‘exotic’ foods, marvel at the ‘exotic’ landscapes, snap photos (without asking first) of those very ‘exotic’ natives.

They have profound revelations about how in the western world we have much more commodities than necessary, and how these poor rural simpletons are so happy with the little they own, cause they’re blissful savages, much less complex than the average white US citizen. 

Some of them even manage to say utterly disrespectful stuff (e.g.’oh look at these people living in the middle of nowhere’ (cameron diaz) or that ‘they defecate in the woods ‘hunched like animals’ (drew barrymore) and the worst part is, they don’t even seem to realize.

… Then they go back to their countries, with a serious white savior complex, and show all their relatives photos those wonderful, smiling exotic natives, just before complaining about illegal immigrants taking all their jobs.

yo! truth


for the girls the fairytales abandoned

A message from Anonymous

Reasons I stopped watching Supernatural: Dean, Sam, and Cas have died and been brought back numerous times, but every badass hunter woman or poc that dies is gone forever. (Also the writing is pretty shitty in my opinion, but that's less grating than after ten seasons only having one living female character who only appeared in season 7. And they just killed Kevin too >:( )


Same. I mean I still watch choice episodes sporadically but I don’t keep up with it because it has a huge problem with racist and misogynistic tropes, not to mention queerbaiting.



everyone needs to watch this video before they log off tonight

well, now I know what I’m doing every time a car alarm goes off


Nick Bateman 


Nick Bateman 


my body isnt a temple my body is a castle with a moat and crocodiles and a dragon who will set you on fire if you touch me